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Kids Restore the Kepler is made up of children - most young, some old - from the Te Anau Basin in the southwestern corner of the South Island of New Zealand. Read on to find out why some of us are involved…


I joined Kids Restore the Kepler so that I could be part of the strong community group making a difference in Fiordland National Park.


Year 12, 2016


There are many people who care like us, but some don’t, so we must be the ones who are making the change for the good of our environment.


Year 5, 2017


Kids Restore the Kepler also has the mission to give young people the tools and opportunities to understand the value and importance of Fiordland National Park and take responsibility to prevent the collapse of its forest.


Year 9, 2017


KRTK is a programme with clear structure, goals and vision, which allow young people to have fun while they are working towards some meaningful goals, the fulfilment of which will ultimately make them better citizens, and our country a better place.

Lynlee Smith

Principal, Fiordland College, 2019


We are very fortunate to have this programme running in Fiordland, we live in such a beautiful part of the world, and it is very important that all children have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and into our environment.

Debbie Taylor

Teacher, Te Anau School, 2019


Across schools, across subjects, across generations with the wider community involved, there is no better way to help young people appreciate why biodiversity is essential for strong sustainability and to show them that they can make a difference.

Vaughn Filmer

Teacher, Fiordland College, 2019


For many years I have had the privilege to support the kaupapa and mahi of KRTK. It has been personally inspiring to see not just individual students, but whole school communities develop deeper understandings and actions around protection of the unique biodiversity of Fiordland. Through this programme, and the opportunities it presents, I have watched thoughtful and active young leaders develop and progress the cause of hands on conservation throughout Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Mark Oster

Biodiversity Programme Leader, Environment Southland, 2019


The passion this project inspires is evident in everyone, from teachers who create multiple opportunities for their students to learn about conservation, both in and out of the classroom, to the education coordinator who always goes above and beyond to create unforgettable experiences, and pass on knowledge and skills to adults and children alike, to the children themselves who develop a real love for the Kepler area, and thoroughly enjoy getting stuck in to help protect it.

Michelle Crouchley

former Community Ranger, Department of Conservation


Because biodiversity loss and climate change are such huge and unwieldy realities to deal with, Kids Restore the Kepler offers those involved the chance to push back locally from the bottom up.

John Carter

Teacher, Kindergartens South, 2019