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Inspired by the TVNZ / DOC documentary series with the same name, ‘Meet the Locals’ is a great initiative for young people to discover a weekly 'local' to the Kepler area. Each week a local is showcased together with links to find out more, and related activities that can be carried out during school time as well as during free time.

There are some fantastic resources on the World Wide Web, waiting to be discovered. While this page cannot comprehensively include all the possible information, and useful links, about each local (organism), we endeavour to cover two key aspects that are deep-rooted in any conservation effort:

  1. Understanding the role of each organism within an ecosystem. This can be as simple as recognising whether the organism is a producer (able to make its own food, like most plants are); a consumer (not able to make its own food, and must obtain food eating other organisms, like herbivores and carnivores do) or a decomposer (able to gain energy by breaking down dead materials, like most fungi do).
  2. Understanding the interactions between organisms and how the life strategy of each organism (for example: length of its life cycle, number of offspring, adaptations, tolerance and diet) determines its overall success or its demise.

Click on the below links to be taken on a journey of wonder through the Kepler forest, meeting its inhabitants and discovering their connections.

Please note: this website went live on 29th July 2019. 'Meet the Locals' is a programme followed by the schools in the Te Anau Basin. Starting from July 29th, classes can explore a new local each week during term time. First up is the Sun, followed by the Beech Trees, the Water and the Kepler Mountains. The next following local will be uploaded on August 26th, and the categories will be compiled in the coming months. You can join the programme too, and explore a different local each week: it's free! Happy browsing. The KRTK Team.